Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Playable Games

So, here were are at the end of the year! Can you believe how fast this school year went by? It will only move quicker as you grow older. Remember to make the most of your youth so that you can one day look back on your accomplishments with pride.

Speaking of accomplishments, it is time to enter your final game in the EACP Game Gallery. This is your chance to show off the hard work you put into creating an effective and fun learning game. One more place I would like you to show off your final product is in a blog post. Please create a new post and title it "Final Game". Take the .SWF file of your game from the wiki and embed it in this post. If you do not remember how to do this, go to Blogging Tips in the wiki for a reminder. After you embed this file, write a short description of your game. Include the following information:
Name of your team. 
Title of your game.
Topic of your game.
What is the Learning Goal? 
How will the player learn about the topic from playing your game? 
What you would like to add or improve upon in the game? 
What was the most challenging part of creating this game? 
What are you most proud of or what did you figure out through critical thinking and trial/error? 

Make sure you publish the post to double check that it is formatted correctly and that the game is playable. If it is not, you will lose points. By the way, you all did a fantastic job this year!

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