Tuesday, January 31, 2012

8-1 Choosing A Topic

Okay Kiddos! You are now in a new Globaloria class. Welcome to 8th period. Some of you are brand new to our school and the Globaloria program while others have been at it for about 4 months. Since you have had to move out of your teams and have now formed new teams, it is time to choose a new topic with your teammates. In your own blog post:
 1. Tell me what your new topic is.
 2. Tell me what is important for other people to learn about your topic.
 3. Why did you choose this topic?
 4. What is interesting about your topic?
 5. What game genre will you focus on, Action, Adventure, Sports, Racing, or Strategy?
 6. What will the title of your game be?
 7. How many levels would you like to be in your game? Don't overshoot or you might end up with an incomplete game by May.
 8. Will you win the Globey Award for best game in May?

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